Do I have to register to use the website?

You may browse/search Hungaricana databases without registration.

What are the advantages of becoming a registered user?

We are continuously extending the range of options for registered users. At the moment indexing and geocoding with Google Maps or Open StreetMap are available but you can also create your own album if you are a registered user. In some cases, you are also free to add comments.


Downloading and using digital content


How can I get hold of physical or offline digital instances of selected items (e.g. maps, postcards)?

It was an explicit request on the part of data providers that their resources should be displayed but not saved or downloaded in high resolution format. Requests for high resolution digital images or the physical instances of them should therefore be addressed to the institution possessing the rights over that particular content. The terms and conditions of purchase are also determined by the owners of the content.

Is there any Hungaricana content available for commercial or non-commercial reuse? If so, what are the terms and conditions of reuse?

Digital content published via Hungaricana can be used freely for educational and scientific purposes, provided the authors’/collection owners’ data are clearly indicated. However, using the materials for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden!

Can I download entire eBooks?

You can download 25 pages of a document at a time.


Uploading files, joining the Hungaricana contributors’ community


As a public organization we would like to join the Hungaricana Project. How can we participate?

Please indicate your intention to join the project! Incoming applications are discussed at the successive editorial meeting. Depending on the decision of the editorial board we will contact applicants to fix the details.

Are there any technical requirements to fulfil before joining the project?

Following a favourable decision of the editorial board, we thoroughly examine the content your institution wishes to share and we discuss the technical requirements with you.


About Hungaricana databases, the search functionality


I am researching Maria Theresa’s Urbarium 1767 but I do not find the page referring to X town. I would like to enquire whether the missing page is to be recovered.

You should be able to find every image/file in the database that is available at the owner institution. If you cannot retrieve a page or pages, it means they are missing, lost or perished. Therefore, most probably they will not be recovered.

In a 1954 criminal case the personal data of an individual involved are „protected by the law”. Why is it so? Under which law are his/her data protected? When will the restriction be lifted?

Hungaricana complies with Section 24 (Researchability of personal data) of Act LXVI of 1995 on Archives. As stated in the law, personal data the owner of which either died 30 years previously, or born 90 years previously (in case of unknown death date) can be disclosed and/or researched by anyone. If neither the birth nor the death date is known, the data can be publicly researched and published 60 years after the document containing them had been created. In exceptional cases specified by the law, on-the spot review of documents is allowed.

Is it possible to look into census questionnaires?

It is unusual for census questionnaires to have been preserved, since they were normally destroyed after having been processed. Only housing census forms of 1941 survived in the Budapest City Archives, however they can be researched only in accordance with data protection rules. For further details, please contact the Research Services of the Archives.

Are search results influenced by different spellings?

The spelling of names may vary from record to record, therefore we suggest you try different variations.

 Why could certain contents not be displayed?

In the case of our latest uploads you may find that some materials – though searchable – cannot be displayed. This is usually a temporary problem caused by copyright issues yet to be resolved.


False and inaccurate data in the databases


Is it possible to correct inaccurate data?

As a registered user you are not authorized to edit metadata created by collection owners. In case you detect an error, please let us know.


NKA-financed projects


I would like to enquire when we can expect our uploaded NKA project report to be displayed on the website.

The upload is not automated, incoming forms and attachments are checked individually before they are published. Thank you for your understanding!


General and technical issues


Which browser is the portal optimized for?

The portal is optimized for Google Chrome, which means that if you use a different browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), the layout and functionalities of the portal may vary.

I have got hold of historical documents that might be of some interest to you. May I offer them to you?

Thank you for thinking of us, but we do not have the capacity to build and maintain collections ourselves. Please contact the institution relevant to the content you wish to share.

Can you help me with my genealogical research?

Unfortunately we do not provide assistance with that.